Macs Championship game Lethbridge Hurricanes vs St Albert Raiders

Rates and Services

Whatever your photography needs are, don't hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a custom package to suit your individual needs.  Or you can choose from the following packages:

Team Photo Day

Arrange to have your team photo day, complete with individual player photos, custom backdrops, trading cards, custom group photos, and of course the official 'Team Photo".   This is no cost to the team and individual packages start at just $39.95, which includes an 8x10 team photo print and a 5x7 individual print. Check out last year's team photo day from  HDC Hockey

Sporting & Corporate Events

Event packages include high-rez digital photos of your entire event. All photos will be made available for later viewing online, and individual ordering, either in print or digital format. They include action shots, candid shots, requested group shots, and for full-day events, will include live-update social media shots throughout the event.

Full day (tournaments, corporate events, etc. 8-hour day)                                         $500

Weekend Rate (Two 8-hour days)                                                                                   $750

Single Game  (20-30 exciting action shots of individual players)                              $200

Multiple games/Same day (4 games max) Price per game                                       $150

Individual Athlete Packages:

Pre-ordering an "individual package" will guarantee  6-10 full-res digital photos of the athlete in action. These can be used to make your own high-quality prints. They come with a “personal license” to the photos, so they can be used on social media or shared with friends and family.

Single athlete                                                                                                                     $150

2-4 athletes (price per player)                                                                                           $75

5-10 athletes (price per player)                                                                                         $60

The “Scouting” Package

The scouting package is an important portfolio for those elite athletes hoping to garner attention from scouts and prospective teams. In addition to the same high-rez photos of the individual package, the Scouting Package, more importantly, will come with a “commercial license” so that their photos may be given to scouts, scouting websites, or other teams for press releases and roster pics. It’s important to note that taking social media screenshots and giving these to organizations for public use is against copyright laws. Most reputable organizations will require properly licensed, high-rez photos of your athlete before they will use or publish them. Along with the action shots, your package will come with a clear headshot of the athlete, without their helmet or cage, for their own scouting portfolio.

Single athlete                                                                                                                     $250

2-4 (price per player)                                                                                                        $150

Corporate Headshots (On Location)

This includes up to a half-hour of shooting with a custom backdrop and two softboxes, and your choice of 2-4 high-res images,  suitable for LinkedIn or any corporate website.  Prints can be later ordered online.

Single person                                                                                                                    $150

2-4 (price per person)                                                                                                      $100

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